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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Unlock savings

with sustainability

TablePointer is the Artificial Intelligence solution for your facilities. Optimise energy efficiency, manage your assets, and upgrade your profitability now.

Transform your equipment into smart assets




Plug, play

and save



energy efficiency


for your facilities.

With as much as 29% energy savings,

for as many locations as you are operating.

Save 10% in energy efficiency

to increase profits by 15%.

Your margins are challenged by constantly rising costs. 

Optimise your energy bills today.

2 out of 3 consumers care.

Consumers are concerned about sustainability.


Show them you care too.


that pays

for itself.

We invest upfront costs to make energy savings visible.


No changes to your equipment,

no interruptions, no worries.

Thanks for submitting - we'll reach out to you shortly.

In the Kitchen

We are your Intelligent

Energy & Asset Manager.

We empower operators and facilities with Artificial Intelligence technologies to unlock business savings and sustainability gains.

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